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Abacus School Pro
© is a complete Student Registration, Scheduling, Billing, and Payroll application. It was developed as an alternative solution to the expensive School Management software packages and was designed to meet the needs of Private and Community Art Schools specifically. This computer application is easy to use and powerful enough to make educational process more productive and less challenging. For Community Arts School with limited staff and financial resources Abacus School Pro will prove to be a useful program management tool.
It integrates with QuickBooks QBIcon and with MS Office msoffice taking full advantage of Mail Merge Mail Merge, Excel Spreadsheet transfer Excel, and MS Outlook Email and Calendar functions.
Currently used at schools in the US, Canada, UK, Puerto Rico and Malaysia.

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Email Schedules, Rosters, Statements, announcements directly from Abacus School Pro. Create custom payment plans. Take student attendance. Prepare your faculty payroll in just minutes and much more...

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Student Scheduling
Account Billing with Payment Plans
1 Automatic Credit Card Charges
Automatic Payroll
Comprehensive Reporting Tools
Integrated E-mail Client
Integrated FTP Client
2 Online Backup
Mail Merge
Integrates with QuickBooks
b Integrates with MS Office